Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last night, I went to bed earlier than usual. At around 1:30 am. As I was laying down, I found out my younger brother wasn't sleeping. He suddenly started talking to me about his favorite girl group, SNSD. Strange, I thought. I cut him off halfway through his story and asked him "Why do you like this group so much. I'm kinda worried about your obsession with them". To which he replied "Why do you like Tokio Hotel so much?" while pointing at my TH posters. I got stunned by the question. I tried to find the answer but to no avail. He got me tongue-tied. A few minutes later, I caught him staring at the posters. He looked at me and said with a big smile "I can't believe we've met them. I talked to Bill! I've had eye contact with Bill freaking Kaulitz. Wow. I won't forget how small I felt standing next to him. These guys are giants.". Those words took us back to 2010. Bitter memories as well as sweet memories were called forth. Memories that will never ever fade away. I'd kill to go back to May 1st 2010. One story led to another. I have no idea how we ended up talking about our childhood days. I never realized how much fun we had when we were kids. Even the slightest thing could make us beyond elated. Our minds were free from worry, concern and fear. I wish I could stay a kid forever. Believe it or not, the walk down memory lane lasted for 3 hour until we drifted off to sleep.

Loser or losers?
Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's the 7th day of Hari Raya, and it's time to accept the fact that no one has sent me Raya wishes except my online friends. Not only Raya wishes, they don't even text or call me anymore. It has been like this for months. Almost a year. I was always the one who called or texted them. (I still am). What did I do wrong? Why is everyone slowly drifting away from me? WHY?! I'd genuinely appreciate it if they could tell me what is going on. How do you expect to get this bad situation fixed if you're staying tight-lipped? We're not 12 year old girls anymore. Let's settle this problem the mature way. By the way, I called J just now. She didn't pick up. I've sent a text to her asking for explanation. I hope she stops ignoring my text messages and starts replying to me soon. This has been bothering my mind and it hurts so much. I'm such a loser, and so are they.

Blue check mark
Monday, February 6, 2012

After a long wait, finally, Tokio Hotel has been verified on Twitter.

But Tokio Hotel, Y U NO get verified on 29 Feb instead?! It's a very special date and it'd mean a lot to me. And one more thing, I wish you will change your picture and background soon. <3

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